Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss.
Humans are needlessly sophisticated.
Lucky are those who do not question life, for they live in ignorance, and ignorance is bliss.
Life has no meaning other than that which we attribute to it.
When intoxicated by life, man does not think about the ‘why’s’ and ‘what for’s’ of life. But when he is sober, he can clearly see that he was in an intoxication till the moment. But just as a drug that plays with the brain, life plays with his mind and forces him to indulge in it again, for he cannot live otherwise after he is addicted to the intoxication of life. This brings me to an existential crisis.

The delusion of faith is necessary for life.

To know the truth is to know that there is nothing but death.
All that religion professes is aimed at a perceived proper moral progress of society.
All that philosophy has to say is that it acknowledges the questions, but it has no answers.
All that biology says is that the gene is made to survive and reproduce and propagate itself, or that we are merely a random accident without any specific meaning.
Most of the other fields of science only construe various methods of life and various explanations of phenomena assuming that life has a meaning and is worth living, but none actually question whether it really has a meaning or if it is really worth living. They simply assume it to be true.

Life is meaningless, and all this struggle is worthless. And that’s the truth. Ignorance now is no longer an option, for I know this. But now, acting in a rational manner, do I kill myself and free myself from this delusion? Or do I stay like a coward unable to act and pretend I don’t know the truth? Or do I become an Epicurean?
When it comes to a question between knowing and acting by the truth and being alive, which should be man’s priority?
What is the difference between one who has faith out of ignorance and one who has faith out of the knowledge that it is necessary for life?



  1. bvprvishnu2 · October 7, 2016

    Rishi I want to ask you what happens if every particle ceases to move ?


    • Rishi Abhishek Rongala · November 26, 2016

      I do not think every particle can cease to move, since its all energy, and this energy is in a constant state of change, and particles as far as we know, vibrate with this energy. I would see particles as not having energy, but being energy. And the very nature of that energy is change and motion.


  2. bvprvishnu2 · November 30, 2016

    Exactly! It’s the reply which I have expected. That’s the same reason we need to go on with our struggles. Struggle isn’t just a part of life. Struggle is the life. And, the belief thing you talk about becomes essential because, I don’t know why but, all mammals(Most organisms) fear uncertainty. If we become overwhelmed by the immense unpredictability surrounding us there will be no advancement in action. Deceiving yourself with the belief is essential. One can easily deceive themselves because of the intense limitations of our mind. Try it! you can easily like a thing which you’ve hated all your life just by repeatedly saying yourself everyday, that you rejoice having it in your life.


    • Rishi Abhishek Rongala · December 9, 2016

      I agree that we can easily decieve ourselves. We do it all the time even unknowingly. And I assert that for human life to exist optimistically, we need to indulge in this delusion, even if we come out of it at times. For I believe there is no intrinsic meaning existing for us on an individual level, and if we look at things from a broader perspective, we find that the things that usually render us optimistic are not that alluring, after all. It all boils down to a choice, at least as far as we can feel a sense a freedom of choice, of staying alive because we are born, or taking the leap towards death without any further ado.


      • bvprvishnu2 · December 20, 2016

        Why are you so fascinated about death? I can agree that life has nothing very appealing to like, nothing seems beautiful, when you delve into the details of things. Deliberately ignoring the details makes it interesting a bit. As you and I know, the conscious part of our knowledge and thoughts is only one-tenth of the total mind capacity, still the power lurks in the hands of unconscious. I do not know why we live but I’ve come to conclusion that you can never understand it completely. I don’t know if you believe but there is a lot of reasoning capability that has to be improved and lot of excessive neuronal connections inside the brain that has to be made to be able to understand even the general life in it’s actual essence, just knowing the info and pondering about the things doesn’t change much, even the hardware should be upgraded and it’s a phenomenon about which our ancient Indian civilisation had good understanding about. In school of yoga, there is another philosophical division called ‘Gnana yoga’ – the wisdom of reasoning and understanding about life.
        But I am much more interested in ‘how’ than ‘why’. Attainment of bliss is the final aim, It doesn’t matter whether you do the work or you understand life completely. I value working on anything even writing a book or a poem about a girl, any activity that makes some difference in the world and gives you pleasure of having done something more (just like Vincent Van Gogh). Thinking is such a delusive task it’s like facebook over instagram over google plus where virtuality over virtuality happens. At the beginning, you may have an object about which you are thinking, then as go on, you will start thinking about thought itself and then it goes into an endless loop. When it hovers around the threshold (your mental stability) you will lose control, and there is this illusion in which you do not know whether it’s you that’s thinking or the thought happening upon itself. I know ‘Understanding is the noblest pleasure in the world’ but our substrate of mind should support that much of burden to understand everything(And I am not even talking about your speed of comprehending, size of your woking memory and limited time we have here on earth, here). And you see we build upon the thoughts of another people which a already flawed because of the intense limitations of people’s observations. Then, the limitations of vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell because they are completely relative to circumstances and experiences. You cannot completely say ignorance is bliss, it’s knowing and willful ignoring that makes it all bliss. Maybe. Even this feeling is relative when the people around you are complete lunatics knowing a bit more than them makes you feel happy. If by hypothesis of previous sentence it’s you that making yourself happy why do you need to understand or anything in this world.
        Happiness can happen synthetically. So it’s not ignorance or knowing. It’s your decision to be happy that makes you happy in both the situations.

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  3. Rishi Abhishek Rongala · December 21, 2016
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