Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss.
Humans are needlessly sophisticated.
Lucky are those who do not question life, for they live in ignorance, and ignorance is bliss.
Life has no meaning other than that which we attribute to it.
When intoxicated by life, man does not think about the ‘why’s’ and ‘what for’s’ of life. But when he is sober, he can clearly see that he was in an intoxication till the moment. But just as a drug that plays with the brain, life plays with his mind and forces him to indulge in it again, for he cannot live otherwise after he is addicted to the intoxication of life. This brings me to an existential crisis.

The delusion of faith is necessary for life.

To know the truth is to know that there is nothing but death.
All that religion professes is aimed at a perceived proper moral progress of society.
All that philosophy has to say is that it acknowledges the questions, but it has no answers.
All that biology says is that the gene is made to survive and reproduce and propagate itself, or that we are merely a random accident without any specific meaning.
Most of the other fields of science only construe various methods of life and various explanations of phenomena assuming that life has a meaning and is worth living, but none actually question whether it really has a meaning or if it is really worth living. They simply assume it to be true.

Life is meaningless, and all this struggle is worthless. And that’s the truth. Ignorance now is no longer an option, for I know this. But now, acting in a rational manner, do I kill myself and free myself from this delusion? Or do I stay like a coward unable to act and pretend I don’t know the truth? Or do I become an Epicurean?
When it comes to a question between knowing and acting by the truth and being alive, which should be man’s priority?
What is the difference between one who has faith out of ignorance and one who has faith out of the knowledge that it is necessary for life?