Wisdom and Foolishness

  • A wise man knows that he is a fool. A fool thinks that he is a wise man. And that makes the difference. And while a wise man knows that he is a fool, he also knows that there is nothing as wisdom or foolishness, but there is only one thing, and that is thought. Nevertheless, he thinks, because he knows that man is meant to think and cannot live without thought or action as much as he cannot live without air or water

The Lost Soul

As the moon with its lone star
stares at the lost soul
that stares at the endless
waters hoping to see
the horizon of his
path blended into the
darkness of the night sky,
Ships with their merry lights
laugh at his fate-
Ships that have bore
many like him afore

A group of five guys
stand at the water’s edge
mixing thoughts, drinking beer
One with a blue tee and
a blue jeans steps aside
As the love of his life
calls to hear
Another with red pants
throws the bottle into the sea,
laughs at how far he sent
it into oblivion,
oblivious of how far it
can send him into the same

A married couple walk by,
the man expressing his
deep thoughts as the
woman hears it all calmly
just as the sea that listens
to the wails of the poor soul.
Another one from the group-
the decent of them all-
judged by a longer short and a shorter hair-
stares at the waters,
thinking what he has done
Fails to see that his sin
is having not done a thing

The light shines from the hill
trying to show its way to
the lost soul that beholds all.
The waves rise as the moon does,
threatening to engulf the little boy
But shows that it is only
a matter of time
before it recedes into itself,
As he turns behind
waiting for his time to unwind