As the first day of spring sets in,
What is once lost, is reconciled
leaving the wintery gloom behind
as the new warmth of hope fills with boundless joy
the soul that is revived

Her words now seem mellow
As her thoughts fill his mind
The world which was gloomy and yellow
now turns as bright as white
’cause nothing can deter their bond,
No matter a fight

What was long expressed
now looks for acceptance,
as he waits with wide open eyes
to take in the moon light
For nature’s pace is what he adopts:
That of patience and perseverance

She carries with her the grace,
the grace with which the long grass dances
She walks with the lightness of wind,
the wind which makes his heart fly high

Her wish is his command,
as he thinks what to write
What might to her be an errand
is to him an opportunity to plight



  1. Amrita Ramya B · March 20, 2016

    Sweetly described the beauty of nature correlating with the eternal love for each other.


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