The void that fills his heart
freezing it with the coldness of
indifference that distils from you

For weeks he has waited
Standing by the same old place
waiting for you
until his strength lasted
In his mind he screamed he thought
But the voice did not dare to emerge
For his pain being muffled by his love

Joy being wiped away slowly
as the life that is put to rest
as winter descends over the
green beautiful world making
the plants shrivel in its
icy lifelessness

What makes him think is
what makes you wonder
What makes him laugh aloud is
what makes your heart dance with joy
What makes him feel and respond is
what makes you you – You!

But as winter transcends,
the beaming smile that fills
life and joy now transforms
into a frown that drains his strength
The lifeless expression that
you hate to see in him
is nothing but the very reflection
of your own feelings,
once bright, once ecstatic – now coldly glaring

Those eyes that conveyed light
now take away the very thing
he owes his existence to
As life that wilts when the
sun takes its warmth away

He is a writer, yes,
and he writes of love, loss and life
but he sees nothing of that
but your reflection in the words that
flow out of the depths of his
heart that is bound to you!


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