The People

What seems like an ocean
is nothing but a mere drop
What we all see is but a facade
hiding the beast that lurks within

The smiles – fake
The laughter – scornful
The face – an impostor
The love – a deceit

‘Cause inside we all grimace
what it outside seems a grin
As the masquerades covering our faces
conceal the loathe within
For all that we do is a sin
hidden in the din of the hymn
Hoping that our foolishness is washed away
behind the screens of the great pray

Our faith – a lie
Our trust – a joke
As false talks emerge
topped with junk and coke

But truth stands still as
men come and go
clutching the fakeness
lest they should forego
As with sloth they relish their body
with lie their soul



As the first day of spring sets in,
What is once lost, is reconciled
leaving the wintery gloom behind
as the new warmth of hope fills with boundless joy
the soul that is revived

Her words now seem mellow
As her thoughts fill his mind
The world which was gloomy and yellow
now turns as bright as white
’cause nothing can deter their bond,
No matter a fight

What was long expressed
now looks for acceptance,
as he waits with wide open eyes
to take in the moon light
For nature’s pace is what he adopts:
That of patience and perseverance

She carries with her the grace,
the grace with which the long grass dances
She walks with the lightness of wind,
the wind which makes his heart fly high

Her wish is his command,
as he thinks what to write
What might to her be an errand
is to him an opportunity to plight


The void that fills his heart
freezing it with the coldness of
indifference that distils from you

For weeks he has waited
Standing by the same old place
waiting for you
until his strength lasted
In his mind he screamed he thought
But the voice did not dare to emerge
For his pain being muffled by his love

Joy being wiped away slowly
as the life that is put to rest
as winter descends over the
green beautiful world making
the plants shrivel in its
icy lifelessness

What makes him think is
what makes you wonder
What makes him laugh aloud is
what makes your heart dance with joy
What makes him feel and respond is
what makes you you – You!

But as winter transcends,
the beaming smile that fills
life and joy now transforms
into a frown that drains his strength
The lifeless expression that
you hate to see in him
is nothing but the very reflection
of your own feelings,
once bright, once ecstatic – now coldly glaring

Those eyes that conveyed light
now take away the very thing
he owes his existence to
As life that wilts when the
sun takes its warmth away

He is a writer, yes,
and he writes of love, loss and life
but he sees nothing of that
but your reflection in the words that
flow out of the depths of his
heart that is bound to you!

Like the Wave

Weeks have passed by
and memories disappeared

as waves that turn to nothingness
when hit by the shore

The foam that arises as they die,
an all consuming pain that veils me

It was only like yesterday,
only a moment ago have I seen it

and lo, its gone
sinking into the shore sand,

into nothingness in this vast realm
of thought that kills me

as it brings the dead wave back again
as a maverick that engulfs the sands

But I still stand still as
I watch it emerge and collapse,

for now I know, that it conclusively
becomes one with the shore

just as my thoughts turn to
nothingness as they reach reality,

and now I know that its ought to be
and now you know what a wave can be.

On Fate

I have always been a firm believer that the terms ‘luck’ and ‘fate’ are only perceptional; That they are only referred to by the people who are helpless and unable to change their own lives. But of late, I was forced to question my beliefs, to wonder whether any person really has full charge of his/her life. Of course, anybody who has just been pumped with Vivekananda’s quotes would say yes. But I am still skeptical, for I have seen many people, who were, only a few days ago, in full control of their lives, and now left with shattered dreams and hopes – many of which I’m a part! And I know I shall see more in the coming week as well.

Why and how does fate, or some unknown external force have such an impact on a man’s life? What right does it have to throw someone into a disaster? Such are the questions that haunt me. It is strange to note that someone’s life – happy and successful – can be thrown into shatters, turned upside down, in a matter of minutes. How can time – so little of it, or information – only but a little bit – change somebody’s reality so drastically? Are we meant to yield to it or are we meant to fight back is a secondary question. What’s foremost is whether such a force exists, and if it does, does it already have our lives preplanned? For centuries, the stoics and the epicureans have argued over this, and fatalism and determinism have had their times of vogue. All have come and gone, with their conceivable explanations, but the skepticism still remains. The Bhagavat Gita, for example, states that the life of a man as well as his surroundings is already written and cannot be altered – much like the basic premise of predeterminism. But it also says that we ought to do good things as a duty while the plan carries out by itself. This exposes a flaw that not everything is predetermined, as it shows that we can choose to be good or bad, but we ought to choose good. So it does not fully agree with Fatalism.

On the other hand, Determinism says that there exists a causal relationship as the world and time unfolds itself, and though the future itself might not be completely hopeless to be altered, it is still affected by past occurences. But this also does not completely exist in harmony with yet another premise of physics on an altogether different level – When we look at the equations of physics, we do not observe any evidence for the flow of time. It is more like there are several moments of time as instantaneous pieces locked in space rather than a river of time flowing forward.

Nothing teaches a man better than experience. But I believe experience is not the best teacher. It is a very expensive teacher. The best teacher is perhaps somebody else’s experience. But the past cannot be altered. We know that. So now, the question should be: Can the future be altered by us? Because when our attempts go in vain, when the harder we try, the more we experience resistance, hope gets drained – Hope, the one thing needed to fight back. Fortunately, the same flaw that shows us that not everything is predetermined shows us the light for hope that we do have control over a few things at least, and it is up to us as to how we choose to respond to and malleate them as much as we can to suit our interests.