Have you, dear reader, ever met someone whom you felt to be great? Great not in the sense of their exuberance, but some little characteristic feature that marks them to be beautiful as a person – that little thing is humbleness, a low voice often dominated by the loftiness of ostentation. And we all give in to it, for it gives us a sense of gratification, a feeling of self-imposed importance in the eyes of others, for we all live for the eyes of others, after all… until we realize that it doesn’t really matter.

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said,  ‘You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do’. Our display of excellence, of unabashed greatness with impudence does impress people, and often, quite a lot of them,  but for a minor few – for almost everyone look at shining surface  the ocean but only a rare few dive into it – for almost all of us are afraid of the truth, whatever it might correspond to. The truth has many forms, just like energy ( after all,  everything is energy ), and one form is that the universe is a cyclic function of time.  Whatever it is that rises will fall and whatever that falls shall rise again. Everything reaches its apex and comes down and again strives to reach its paramount – be it the stock markets or the evolution of species!  The same laws apply to everything in nature, and these laws by themselves are simple, but their applications and effects astounding. One simple example in this context is that when the markets rise, we tend to get hyper excited about them and put in all our money only to watch it drown in the crash that follows, and we remove all our investments from it while it is low,  to see it rise immensely and repent for not having persevered.  The waves reach their peak but they ultimately crash, and after each crash, another one rises again.

That’s the way the laws work. We become arrogant when we thrive in our little communities, when we hold power, we involuntarily become more condescending. But ultimately, the power will be diminished, our superiority forgotten, and then, in the low, we suffer while we watch others rise as we fall. Take yourself out but for a mere moment and behold what is happening and the truth will alight before you. Your humbleness when you are high gains you your respect even when you are in the lows. And you will be thriving again, shortly after, but remember that so does everyone else you are patronizing now.


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