You only get that which you tolerate. Accept mediocrity, and you will be stuck in it forever. Tolerate it, and you will get comfortable with it. And, the law of inertia does work even here as well. Accepting where you are is not bad in itself. But accepting that you are destined to be there is. Everybody wants to break free – from financial worries, social problems, stress and a lot of other things. But our lives are stuck in a vicious circle, a closed feedback loop, and it is hard – very hard –  to get out of it. You are comfortable doing something, and you do it again, and you get more comfortable doing it, and this repeats. You do not want to get out of this – after all, it is very comfortable here, isn’t it? But there lies the catch.

Somewhere deep inside your heart, or rather say, your subconscious mind, you feel the need to be different, you find a little dying fire that is struggling to be kindled. But it is only a whisper – a faint one – which but often gets drained in the shouts that you are comfortable as you are. Of course you are, and of course you are also aware of the fact that your true success lies just out of your comfort zone.

Because, in the growth curve, if you stay where you are, you haven’t made any progress, you are a constant. And what do we derive out of a constant?  A Big Zero.

So now you have acknowledged that you need to be more than what you are, you read some self-help books, watch a video or two from TED and pump yourself up, hit the gym, study harder, give more into your relationships, work more productively, and most of all, think more optimistically. But all this lasts only for a day or two, by when reality kicks in and everything is the same again. And you say, motivation is fake. It doesn’t last. It is delusional. It is only temporary. It simply doesn’t work. And you throw up your hands.

Well, let me tell you, by following your very own logic, that fire is fake – It doesn’t last. It is delusional. It is only temporary. Sounds odd doesn’t it? Everything in the world follows the same laws of nature. Motivation is like fire. To keep it burning, you need to fuel it every time. You cannot water your plants once and expect them to bloom for an entire season. It is absurd. And so is your desire for motivation to last. 

But, just as there are cactus plants and camels, there is a way to make it last longer. And that is possible by knowing that motivation is of two basic types: The Push Model, and The Pull Model. To put it in an unpretentious way, the former is when you get motivated to do something for avoiding the negative effects of not doing it – And this is the most common form in the majority of us. But it subsides as soon as the object of your uncomfortability lowers its intensity. The latter is a more long term oriented one, wherein you get motivated to do something because of your vision to be greater than you are now. And this is what lasts, because your vision attracts you with such an intensity that you get pulled towards it.

Read a thousand self-help books, and they all tell you the same thing in different ways. They are all different ways towards achieving the same goal – motivation; A striking analogy to religions, whose meaning has been subject to labefaction in recent times. So the next time you read a self-help book or try to motivate yourself, do also motivate yourself for motivating yourself regularly.


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