Beauty and Thought

Leaving aside the cliched saying: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, which is invariably true but does not concern us at the moment, what does concern us is the fact that the definition of beauty has varied profoundly over the centuries.

In the seventeenth and major part of the eighteenth centuries, if one takes the pain or pleasure to observe, it is prominent from every form of art and literature that round, plump and curvaceous figures were considered to be beautiful, which is quite antagonistic to the present times wherein sharp and anorexic figures take their place.

That being said, solid proof exists for the fact that a man is nothing but his thoughts, not just in the sense that man becomes what he thinks, but in the sense that thought is all that is of the man, nothing more or nothing less; And when man is nothing more but thought, and thought is everything that is there, then an interaction between two individuals is essentially ought to be a truck between two thought processes or ideologies, and in this sense, it is evident that a perception of beauty is a perception of how aesthetic or intellectual the thought process is. How in such a context would then come a juxtaposition of physical characteristics? And to what extent can man base his views on intellectual understanding while keeping aside the sensory inputs of physical attributes?


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