Being a student, I had the opportunity to sit in a computer laboratory with no work whatsoever to do. Trying to make the better of it, and at the same time remembering one of the book titles a friend had suggested, I searched it up on the internet hoping to find a discount in one of the alluring online stores. It was then that I came across a tedious article on Objectivism – a philosophical system that deals with the tendency to emphasize what is external to or independent of the mind – and thoughts flowed in a strange self contradicting ways which I happened to put down immediately :

What if day is night and night is day?

If dream is indeed a reality and reality a dream?

If the sense of objectivism is entirely false and the fact still holds that it is thought that is all that is existent! Our perception of the world would then be entirely false, and why cannot it be, for anything is possible.

But not everything is probable, of course. Notwithstanding that, it does not in any sense mean that the idea of an alternate reality – infact, an inverse reality – is not probable. However, we do not know of it, for it is a road untravelled by the academic philosophers, yet again justifying the saying that it takes a quirk to think of something new.

The implicit reality is that academic brains are confined to routine thinking, thereby not enabling any novelty in thought process. But this is not entirely true, given the fact that there are many great men from history who have continued to invent new things, pave way to new ideologies, even after becoming completely involved in their life’s work. But the thing to note here is that they were quirks first, and academicians later!


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