One word: Freethought

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps this is not the place you should be in. This is my personal blog, and the posts I write are my views. Reader discretion is advised. The content in this blog is not moderated on the basis of any religion or school of thought. None of the posts are intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or personal views. If you are easily offended by unorthodox views, then you should stop reading further.

I am a freethinker and philosopher. The content I write here is a reflection of my thoughts on things that bother my mind. You can identify with me on some topics, disagree on some others, or simply appreciate the thought process, but more importantly, if you are provoked to think further on them, then the purpose of writing this blog would be at the least partially fulfilled.

Happy Reading




  1. Amrita Ramya B · January 25, 2016

    Great cogitation Rishi …!!!


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